Welcome Home
Brooklyn, New York, 2014


Welcome Home, an exhibition of sculptural poetry, stretched the boundaries of the written word through bringing text into a tangible and interactive space. Introducing new and site specific work, Mary Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Laura Britton, Peter Valenti, and Julie Stopper, embraced the viewer both literally and metaphorically.


Old Law Tenements are tenements built in New York City after the Tenement House Act of 1879—The 1879 law required that every inhabitable room have a window opening to plain air, a requirement that was met by including air shafts between adjacent buildings.


As we were looking into our air shaft late one night, we peered into our neighbor's windows pondering possible themes for white toy box’s first exhibition. Then we met David, living two floors below us in our adjacent building. First, reprimanding us on our voyeuristic tendencies, then embarking on a late night heart-to-heart over the pit between our homes. What initially felt like a beautiful fleeting moment shared among strangers, soon became the acquisition of an unsuspecting muse for the artists of this show.  Thank you, David— For responding to the love letter mounted in the window just for you. For playing with us, a group of strangers, in order to transcend the walls, and windows, between the lives of those around us. 


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