Break the Floor

Rabbithole Projects
Brooklyn, NY, 2016


Break the Floor was a multimedia exhibition featuring work by Mary Anderson, Joeun Aatchim, Caleigh Birrell, Chris Blue, Evan Harden, Kathryn Kendall, Dorothy Lam; ZiHong, Molly Lambe, Maya Misra, Sawyer Mitchell, Tajh Rust, Arielle Stein, Julie Stopper and Hu Wei. The exhibition explores ideas of identity, vulnerability and the intersections between the personal and the political in the millennial age. Through a variety of mediums including video, installation, painting and performance, the artists in this exhibition utilize personal histories, memories and intimacies to examine how these elements connect to social structures much larger than themselves.


The act of making in itself can be seen as an act of urgency, forcing us to reflect on how our sense of self is so often shaped by the verbal and visual language that surrounds us. The work in this exhibition is informed by ideas about culture, race, gender, safety and ownership among many others and examines how these things influence the way we move through the world. Although most works tackle different content, the artists all share a willingness to make personal matters public, perhaps to communicate with viewers who may feel similarly isolated in grappling with these matters. Their work communicates that they are not alone in their sentiments, all the while raising questions that can be sensitive and difficult but often necessary to building a more just and understanding world. In carefully examining our foundation, the ground we stand on, the artists are unafraid to shatter it, even if means risk and starting over.

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